Well passion has driven me into this adventure. I always almost lose myself in all creative endeavors. Cooking is one such venue for me to vent out my creativity. As always Mom and Dad are my first source inspiration without which I would not have learnt my basics right 🙂 Both of them are quite particular on taste, ingredients and texture of the recipe. So I used to constantly get comments from both of them till I got it right !

However, my full fledged experiment lab started with my wedding bells ringing. With my husband’s constant support and guidance I was able to bring this website live. I promise to keep this journey of yours along with me interesting. Please feel free to reach out to me.

I am basically a south Indian . My husband has entire Indian influence due to his parents transfers across India. Hence you can find confluence of tastes in my recipes. All of them are tried and tested and only when its been vouched by either of my family members/friends circle I have brought them live on this website with love 😀

I have kept in mind on managing time at office and at home of the working women. So I always try to keep my recipes simple, healthy and tasty. Having said that there won’t be any disappointment on taste due to time factor.

Apart from cooking, I have interests in reading, gardening (planning on some kitchen gardening) , work as a corporate. Passion keeps me do all these.

Feel free to reach out to me on my mail id: sinduu.n@gmail.com

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