Majjige Huli /Majjige Pulusu/ Ash Gourd and curd curry/Petha Ki Kadhi

Majjige huli is a South Indian food prepared with curd. It typically includes vegetables in a buttermilk gravy. Majjige huli is a traditional Sankranti food. Further, this can be eaten on days when you do not use onion/garlic in cooking.

For detailed description of preparation stagewise, please refer to the video of the recipe.

Lets get started: Ingredients:

  • Ash gourd/White pumpkin – Remove the seeds and chop them into slightly bigger pieces as shown in the video above
  • For masala paste – Green chilies – about 2-3, ginger – 1 inch, grated fresh coconut – 2 spoons, curd – 1/2 cup, jeera 1 tea spoon.
  • For seasoning – 2 tea spoon cooking oil, mustard 1 teaspoon, jeera/cumin seeds – 1 tea spoon, curry leaves- 1-2 sprig, coriander leaves – 2 sprig, red chili – 1-2


Step 1: Cut the white pumpkin into dices and pressure cook them for about 5-7 minutes. Do not over cook them.

Step 2: Make a fine paste of green chilies, ginger, fresh coconut, curd and jeera/cumin seeds.

Step 3: Add the fine paste into the cooked white pumpkin and cook them on stove for 2-3 minutes until there is bubble formation in the mixture.

Step 4: Seasoning time: Make tadka out of cooking oil, jeera, mustard, curry leaves and red chili.

Serve it hot with jeera rice/white rice. Pickle is icing on the sugar.

P.S: You can thicken the consistency by adding 1-2 tea spoon of rice flour while cooking the mixture. This is optional. 



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