Baingan Ka Bharta

Baingan ka bharta is a part of the national cuisines of India. It is primarily a vegetarian dish that is prepared by mincing eggplant (baingan) that is grilled over charcoal or direct fire. This infuses the dish with smoky flavour. The smoked and mashed eggplant is then mixed with fresh cilantro (coriander leaves), chili pepper, onion and  oil.Traditionally, the dish is often eaten with an Indian flatbread (specifically roti or paratha) and is also served with rice or raita, a yogurt salad.

Watch my youtube video to understand the recipe step by step


  • Brinjal – 4 / Egg plant -1

Ingredients for masala: Dry fry the following masala with little/no oil. Add ground nut first. Once it starts to pop out add the rest of the ingredients one by one.

  • Groundnut – 2 spoon
  • Onion – one medium-sized – cut into coarse pieces
  • Garlic – 4-5 cloves
  • Green chili – 1
  • Coriander seeds – 1 tea-spoon
  • Peppercorn – 4-6
  • Red chill powder – 1-2 tea-spoon ( adjust the spice of red chilli powder according to taste)

How to make this?

Step 1: Roast the Brinjal/Egg plant on gas stove until it cooks well. Typically it would take about 4-5 minutes on medium to high flame. I have used a grill on the stove to cook the brinjal.

Once these Brinjals are cooked soak them in water and peel off the skin and remove the green portion and mash them into a paste.

Step 2 : Dry roast all the ingredients and make it into a fine paste as shown above

Step 3: Lets get started for the tadka/seasoning and preparation of Bharta


  • Cooking oil – 4 spoon
  • Cumin seeds – 1 tea-spoon
  • Hing/Asafoetida – one generous pinch
  • Onion – finely chopped – 1
  • Tomato – one small – finely chopped
  • Kitchen King Masala – 1-2 tea-spoon
  • Kasuri Methi – 1 spoon
  • Salt as required for taste.

Step 4: Take a kadai/pan . Place it on a stove and add cooking oil. Once the oil is heated add cumin seeds and hing. Once the cumin seeds splutter add onion and cook till it becomes transparent. Add tomato and salt and allow the tomato to cook well. Then add the grind masala and cook for about 2 minutes. Lastly add the mashed brinjal, kitchen king masala, kasuri methi and cook for about a minute. Baingan Ka Bharta is ready to serve. This curry goes well with chapati/phulkas.



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